Our Mission is to Eliminate Fraud Through Collective Intelligence.
Few things are more exhilarating than building a fast-growing digital business. And few things more alarming than when your business is under attack. Hackers, fraudsters and other malicious actors can cause existential damage to digital organizations in mere minutes.

Having built several sizable e-commerce and fintech companies ourselves, we know that the intelligence of a broad network of companies, combined with real-time bot and fraud detection, can help save your business from critical attacks and losses.

We Give You the Tools You Need. Our unified, coordinated defense identifies fraudsters and gives enterprises unparalleled visibility and insights into their current fraud programs. Our system can serve as a standalone solution or as an enhancement to any existing program.

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With a nimble, responsive approach in combination with a robust big data technology platform, we are quickly becoming a new leader in fraud prevention. Fraud.net is eager to expand its reach by welcoming new partners and new ideas.

If you are a payments, security, data, or any other company interested in leading the fight against fraud, let’s talk.

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