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As businesses digitize their operations at unprecedented rates, they also create vulnerabilities. Over 3 billion customer data records were stolen in 2018 and the number of breached identities is expected to reach 5 billion in 2022. As a result, cybercrime is projected to grow 400% between 2017 and 2022 when the associated cost to business globally is expected to reach $8 Trillion. is a leader in AI-powered enterprise risk intelligence. Its award-winning fraud detection platform helps digital businesses to quickly identify transactional anomalies and pinpoint fraud using artificial intelligence, big data and live-streaming visualizations.’s platform was designed to combat hard-to-detect fraud at digital enterprises in the e-commerce, travel and financial services sectors. Its unified algorithmic architecture combines: 1) cognitive computing/deep learning, 2) collective intelligence,  3) rules-based decision engines, and 4) streaming analytics to detect fraud in real-time, at scale. is the only cloud-based “glass-box” system, offering a full and transparent presentation of the data, statistics and contextual variables to help organizations simultaneously reduce risk and optimize business processes. Enterprises can simplify their fraud management, defending against different types of fraud through one unified solution.  Our team is made of up of dozens of dedicated professionals, many with decades of deep experience in e-commerce, financial services, data science and advanced technology, which together with the intelligence of a global network of collaborative enterprises, can help save your business from critical attacks and losses.

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Our unified, coordinated defense identifies fraudsters and gives enterprises unparalleled visibility and insights into their current fraud programs. Our system can serve as a standalone solution or as an enhancement to any existing program.

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With a nimble, responsive approach in combination with a robust big data technology platform, we are quickly becoming a new leader in fraud prevention. is eager to expand its reach by welcoming new partners and new ideas.

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● Account Takeover ● Application Fraud ● Call Center Fraud ● Chargeback Protection ● Collusion ● Gift Cards & Rewards ● “Friendly” Fraud ● Insider Threats ● KYC & AML ● Loan & Credit Fraud ● Mobile Fraud ● Omnichannel Fraud ● Payment Fraud ● Return Fraud ● Synthetic Identity ● and other forms of online or offline fraud

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