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CreditVision, a TransUnion service, provides comprehensive credit data on US consumers.

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eBureau offers a suite of predictive analytics and real-time big data solutions to consumer-facing businesses.

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emailage is a secure cloud based service to determine the financial fraud risk associated with an email address.

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InAuth delivers advanced device identification, risk detection, and analysis to reduce fraud.

iovation provides device-based authentication and mobile security solutions for fraud and risk prevention.

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NuData Security positively verifies users online through real-time passive biometrics and behavioral analytics.


Signifyd simplifies fraud detection through a financial guarantee, allowing businesses to increase sales while reducing fraud losses.

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TeleSign’s trusted identity data solutions are fueled by unprecedented access to real-time phone, behavior and user analytics.

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TypingDNA provides typing biometrics authentication as a service, enabling companies recognize people by the way they type.

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ekata helps you contact, research and verify people in your world.

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WorldWatch Plus provides Know Your Customer (KYC), due diligence, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and fraud risk mitigation solutions.

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Infoscore provides device fingerprinting and tracking services to help with fraud detection and prevention.

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