What is Fullz?

“Fullz” is fraudster slang for an information package containing a person’s real name, address, and form of ID,  or their “full information.” Fullz can be considered a component of 3rd party fraud, as the person whose credentials are sold is not complicit. Fraudsters use these credentials to steal identities and commit financial fraud.

Fullz usually contains a person’s name, address, SSN, driver’s license, bank account credentials, and medical records, among other details. Fraudsters use the victim’s financial reputation for identity theft and fraud, resulting in low credit scores and financial insecurity for the victims. For example, they apply for a loan or credit card with the victim’s good credit. The fraudster applies for the card and uses it, while the victim cannot pay it off and/or attempts to cancel it, harming their credit score.


Fraudsters acquire and sell these information packages through the dark web. They access the dark web using TOR, a system that scrambles users’ virtual trails so they cannot be traced. Identities sell for various prices, depending on the accuracy and viability of the information. Sellers frequently offer discounts for bulk amounts of fullz.

How Are Businesses Affected By Fullz?

Often, fraudsters obtain fullz through corporate and institutional data breaches. Insurance companies, commercial, and financial institutions fall victim due to the sensitivity of the information they possess. These breaches are often triggered by an accidental download of malware by an employee, but there are several causes. Also, businesses and institutions often make themselves vulnerable with poor quality internet security or lack thereof.

As a result, customers find themselves with affected financial reputations and loss of their hard-earned money from account takeovers and cash withdrawal. Businesses face a loss in reputation and if their own financial information is not protected, a loss in revenue. Furthermore, they face legal damages and the cost of damage control for the breach, often in the millions.

How Can You Prevent Fraud?

Businesses and institutions can prevent such breaches with high-quality security solutions to protect purchases and sensitive customer information. With proper web security, institutions avoid the financial and reputational toll of data breaches.

Fraud.net offers a variety of solutions using AI and machine learning to prevent theft of your customer’s information and therefore, your bottom line. We offer dark web monitoring, analytics and reporting, identity protection services, and more.

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