What is PayPal Fraud?

PayPal fraud is fraud related to using the paypal payment system. It can be initiated or performed through emails, phishing sites, malevolent ads, doubtful links, and many more. These scams try to appear authentic in order to trick users into releasing personal information, such as usernames and passwords, or to illegally obtain payments and payment info. 

A fake paypal invoice or email may look like the consumer has to take an action by clicking on any fraudulent links. If you review an item purchased that was not made by you on your account, report a problem, select the transaction, hit dispute and click continue. It’s extremely important to report any suspected instances of Paypal fraud immediately after you view your transactions to protect your account and information.

How to Protect Against PayPal Fraud

The most effective protection against PayPal fraud is education on what to look out for. Phishing emails can usually be spotted under close scrutiny. There are tells like misspellings or a “re:” at the beginning of the subject line. 

If you receive an email or notification that you owe money or there’s been a mistake with your account, it’s almost definitely a phishing attempt. To double check, log into your account through the PayPal website rather than through any links present on the notification. 

Fraudsters will sometimes also try to tempt their victims with offers of payment that sound too good to be true. Sounding too good to be true is a major indication that it isn’t true. 

Fraud.net Solutions

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