Domain Name

A domain name is a tag that recognizes a network domain: a discrete cluster of computers under a fundamental management or authority. Within the Internet, domain names are designed by the guidelines as well as the procedures included in the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name listed and registered in the DNS is considered as a domain name.

Door to Door Magazine Sales Fraud

Magazine sales fraud usually starts with a simple knock on the door with a person trying to sell a magazines to “increase the money” intended for a donations, charity, or other superficial earnest reasons. The customers who pay to sign up every so often report that they do not receive anything in return.

Doorway Domain

Doorway domains are created so that they positionate well in search engines results aimed at specific keywords, and then are used as an entry point over which visitors must pass to reach to the main domain. By matching a certain number of pages to a site designed for search engine optimization determinations, a different site is set aside to be totally improved.

Doorway Page

Doorway pages are web pages created in order to measure the influence of search engine indexes (spamdexing). A doorway page influences the index of a search engine by introducing results for specific sentences and at the same time directing the visitors to a dissimilar page.