E-commerce or electronic commerce refers to all transactions that occur on an electronic device between customers and businesses. It can be divided into consumer-to-consumer, business to consumer and business -to-business.

E-Commerce Apps

E-commerce applications are apps that allow consumers to choose the product they want purchase on the Internet. These applications are supported both by mobile phones and personal computers, and their functioning is quite similar to that of a retail website.

E-commerce Fraud

Sometimes, consumers don’t get the product that they order using an e-commerce application or website, which is referred to as e-commerce fraud. For instance, if a person orders an iPhone and gets an android phone instead, it would be an e-commerce fraud. It is a fairly common issue that most e-commerce users face.

E-Commerce Platform

An e-commerce platform is a type of software technology that provides merchants or e-commerce businesses an online store or shop from which customers can easily purchase what they want. An example of this is Shopify.