Privacy is the practice or idea of keeping certain information a secret from a certain group. It also describes the capability of the individual to protect the information he or she considers personal.

Processing Unauthorized Payroll

The processing of unauthorized payroll refers to the act of identifying whether payroll has been calculated for an unauthorized person in the organization's list. This process is done to prevent payroll fraud, where a payroll manager knowingly approves fraudulent payroll transactions, generally with the purpose of taking that money for themselves.


Proofing refers to the act of verifying and authenticating the identity of legitimate customers. Identity proofing is required when a person wants to withdraw money or take any other confidential information from online resources.

Proxy Piercing

Proxy piercing refers to a technology that enables hosts to determine whether a person is making a proxy purchase or not. A proxy purchase describes a transaction made where the original IP of a customer is disguised via the use of a proxy server. Proxy piercing allows one to see if there is a proxy being used by a customer attempting a transaction, and then depending on the level of the piercing program, will "pierce" the proxy server and determine the original IP of the transaction. At an even higher level, proxy piercing can also determine the physical location of that user.