Sweepstakes Scam

Sweepstakes scams are when a company or fraudster tells someone they have won a sweepstakes prize, but that as the winner they must first pay a fee to insure delivery of their prize. The winner may pay and then never recieve anything.

Sweetheart scam

A sweetheart scam is a situation where a scammer will pretend to be romantically interested in somebody, with the intention of learning their personal information so that they may commit fraud with it.


The term 'swindler' refers to a person who takes advantage of others through deceit. Swindling is a crime committed by a person who defrauds another, causing the victim to suffer damage, by means of unfaithfulness or abuse of confidence. Swindling can be committed by a group of people or an individual involved in defrauding actions in order to get financial benefits or property by exploitation or fraud.