Velocity Filters

Velocity filters are a critical tool in fraud prevention efforts. Their function is to observe the precise information parts (such as e-mail address, telephone number, billing number and even shipping addresses) and to limit the number of transactions that a website could process in a given period of time (one hour, one day) using this information.

Velocity of Money

The velocity of money is a measurement of the rate at which money is exchanged in an economy. It is the number of times that money moves from one entity to another. It also refers to how much a unit of currency is used in a given period of time. Simply put, it's the rate at which consumers and businesses in an economy collectively spend money.

Verified by Visa (VBV)

Verified by Visa (VBV) is a free program offered by Visa that gives you an added level of protection and offers ease of mind intended for online shoppers. It is a password-protected authentication scheme intended to verify the identity of the cardholder once a Visa card is used online. By requesting a password which is recognized only by the cardholder, the bank can verify that the authentic cardholder is inflowing their card details into an e-commerce website.