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Fn Device Fingerprint identifies and tracks every device as it enters your site. It quickly singles out high risk users and devices prior to checkout. Our advanced, cloud-based technology not only protects your business, it also validates your valuable returning customers.

Ideal for digital product providers, i-gaming companies and other virtual goods and service firms.   Learn More

  • Device Analytics
  • IP Analytics
  • Bots & Malware
  • Multiple Logins
  • Digital Fingerprint Anomalies
  • Network Device History

First Line of Defense

You'll get protection at each step of every transaction, from account creation and login authentication, to payment authorization.
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Incorporate device detection in your process today. Get Started

Our Solutions are Modular

Comprehensive standalone system or just the services your need.

FN Device Fingerprint

Pre-Checkout. Identifies and tracks users entering your site in real-time. Alerts you if the device has been involved in fraud and detects patterns indicating potential fraud.

FN Risk Score

@ Checkout. Creates a user risk score for every transaction submitted in less than 200 milliseconds. Accept, Reject, Review - you customize the settings.

FN Profile

Post-Checkout. You get a detailed customer profile and network history for every order. Great for manual reviews and customer authentication.

Fraud Analytics

Real-time fraud analytics. Improve business processes, reduce costs and optimize staffing. Benchmark your program against industry peers in real-time.

Join The Fraud Network

Leverage the experience of the network instead of working alone. Ban fraudsters from your site. Identify good orders.


Choose only the fraud prevention services you need. Or call us to arrange for a fully custom program to perfectly fit your business.

Multi Layered Fraud Protection

Each layer builds on one another. At the core is the collective intelligence and experiences of hundreds of merchants like you..

Approve Good Orders

Through the system, we can not only identify more fraudsters, but also approve more users that have had good transaction histories.

Reduce Chargebacks

Most chargebacks are related to fraud. Our system allows you to identify fraudsters earlier and predict which users are most likely to file a chargeback.

Faster Manual Reviews

We pull together manual review data so that you don't have to. We verify profile information from geolocation data to social account activity.

Target Fraudsters

Using machine learning, we customize over 4,500 predictive signals that identify and then predict fraudsters patterns specific to your site or application.

Contain Data Breaches

Credit cards stolen in data breaches fuel the most damaging types of fraud. Prevent fraudsters from using these cards and deprive them of easy, illicit gains.

Customize Your Settings

Your company's fraud profile is unique. A fraud prevention that is generic or built for someone else may not work for you. Customizable setting give you the control.

Accuracy, Speed and Security

Secure, anonymous sharing among merchants in a safe environment.

Powerful Performance

Combining the intelligence of the network with machine learning and 4,500+ predictive signals, we believe that we offer the most accurate fraud solution available.


Our system is modular. It can serve as a standalone system or add-on enhancement to your program. Our design is highly flexible and rapidly adapting.


Delivered online or through API, you can receive a score or an 'Accept / Reject/ Review' decision in as little as 200 milliseconds.

Simple Installation

For approved merchants and partners, our system can be installed in hours and accessed through an encrypted API key.

World-class Systems

Our systems are PCI 1 compliant. We go above and beyond the requirements. Contact us for our security overview.


Allows us to remain flexible and rapidly adjust to the ever changing fraud environment.

Custom Applications

We created programs for Fortune 500 Companies and for smaller companies.

Physical Goods

Our specialty applications focus on user histories, as well as, address histories and associations. Check before you ship.

Digital Merchants

Track your users before they check out. Our device ID not only recognizes device fingerprints but also can cross match the device to user histories.

Service Providers

To keep up with your changing needs, and the changing face of fraud, our systems are designed to be highly flexible and rapidly-adapting.


A custom geolocation application ensures that you play is in compliance with your state's gaming laws. Available for NJ, MD and DE.

Payment Solutions

In this era of data-intensive business, we rely on our self-optimizing algorithms that identifies fraud and recommends how to further reduce your fraud rates.

Financial Services/Acquirers

We offer a unique data set that help you know your customer even better.

What Clients Say

Customer Testimonails

I've been waiting for a service like this one to come to market. It makes perfect sense.

Andy Daniels
Customer Testimonails

Since implementing, we've seen our fraud rates reduced by almost 50%.

Rebecca Boldin
Customer Testimonails's order profiles have allowed us to drastically reduce our manual review processing times.

Kevin Cho Vitamin Warehouse