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Getting Started (15)

How long does it take to get my account approved?
On average, our provisioning team will review all new accounts within one to two hours of signing up. If it has been longer than two hours then please make sure that you have responded to the confirmation email following the initial signup. In the event that our provisioning team has questions about any piece of the submitted information, they will send a message to the email address on file. Replying to these questions will keep the provisioning process for your account moving forward.
How do I start?
When you sign up for a plan, after a brief approval process, you will receive an activation email, and following activation, you will have full access to search and submit fraudsters and to other site reporting functionality.
My account is still being provisioned, what do I do?
All of our new account signups go through a review process. By verifying domain ownership, evaluating each website and properly segmenting data soures, we are able to maintain data quality for all network members.

Product Questions (23)

How is the data protected?
Our systems are PCI 1 compliant. We go above and beyond the requirements. Contact us for our security overview.
Can I send from more than one domain through
Depending on your account level, this can be accomplished. If you are sending through a single API then no additional changes are required and you can send from as many domains as you wish. If you have an account with that rerquire different APIs then we highly recommend segmenting your account into subusers so that each has its own dedicated account
What reporting can I see?
Reporting differs by plan, but all have access to their store reporting which details fraud by geography, payment and shipping methods, time-of-day and many other actionable metrics. Call us to find out more.

API Questions (6)

What is my API key?
Your API key is provided to you when you set up your account. It allows you to access and install the API. Don't forget that you can also create auxiliary sets of API credentials using our Multiple User Credentials feature!
How do I set up my APIs?
Once your account is approved. Visit our Dev Center to find full API examples and documentation. Most commonly, participants set up the Search API to screen all of their orders for fraud, whether as a comprehensive fraud program or as an add-on to an existing program.
What fraud info must I submit?
To make this fraud pool as effective as possible, every retailer that participates must contribute their fraudulent order files to the pool as well. This 'Potluck' approach is the most valuable contribution a retailer can make, and the reason we can keep our plan pricing low.

General Requests (51)

Can you work with Magento?
Our solution can be integrated with Magento, Yahoo Stores, Volutions and Shopify.a.
Can I customize my settings?
Although our predictive modeling learns and scores your risk based on your unique fraud patterns, we give you the control to customize your settings base on your risk tolerances.
Can I upgrade/downgrade later?
ou will be able to upgrade, downgrade or stop using's services any time you want. Changes will take place starting with the next billling period.

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I've been waiting for a service like this one to come to market. It makes perfect sense.

Andy Daniels
Customer Testimonails

Since implementing, we've seen our fraud rates reduced by almost 50%.

Rebecca Boldin
Customer Testimonails's order profiles have allowed us to drastically reduce our manual review processing times.

Kevin Cho Vitamin Warehouse