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6 Ways We Help You Affordably Stop Fraud Before It Starts, And Increase Revenue, Every Time.

Assign Vendors A Risk Rating

We’ll help you create a risk rating for your vendors. Based on this, our system will automatically flag vendors that need removed (yes, our data is accurate).

Get Financial Information

We’ll help you monitor a vendor’s financial practices, transactions, operations, and marketing collateral. That way you can

Check IT Security & Privacy Policies

Any reputable company will have no problem disclosing its IT and security policies. If they don’t, that’s a red flag. Our software will take care of this for you.

Automate Processes

Vendor researching, identifying, rating, tracking, etc. takes up time. Our AI-powered platform does the work for you, so you can keep your company from losing thousands due to fraud without wasting hours of manual resources. 

Conduct Enhanced Due Diligence

Running an EDD helps you catch vendor fraud that would otherwise slip go unnoticed. It’s more costly and time consuming when you do it on your own- but with us, it’s already a part of our AI solution. No manual labor or extra costs for you.

Implement A “Know Your Vendor” Solution

Our proprietary Application AI for vendor onboarding provides accurate risk scoring and rules to shorten the time needed to review potential vendor fraud.  Easily run multiple checks against incoming vendors with our automated software.

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