$14.7 Trillion

in Value will be Gained by AI’s
early adopters.


of unsecured loan defaults are due to fraud, not creditworthiness


the fraud rate at online lenders compared to other digital merchants and financial services companies

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Fraud In Your Portfolio

Reduce Loan Losses

The Challenge

More and more, portfolio losses at lenders around the world are found to be not credit-based, but fraud-driven. Deliberate ‘low-and-slow’ attacks, synthetic identity fraud, identity theft, account takeovers, and loan-stacking are increasingly taking its toll.

The Solution

Fraud.net’s AI, analytics and data mining platform can uncover the problem and quickly remove common schemes and attack methods.

Employ comprehensive, multi-dimensional analytics and implement ‘early-warning’ monitoring to discover forms of fraud that have previously yet to be experienced.

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Reduce Fraud to Boost Loan Returns

Are new loans experiencing higher-than-average default rates, and are all of your experimentation with credit models doing little to improve loan losses?

New loan applications with social security numbers, credit agency scores, and all of the typical indicators of creditworthiness that a lender could gather, are no longer enough to thwart new forms of fraud.


The Network Effect

Broad-based attacks, schemes and strategies can be most effectively countered with a unified, technology-based defense adopted by all the potential targets – a massive cross-industry, cross-border collaboration at a scale that businesses (and fraudsters) have not yet experienced.