is one of Tech:NYC’s five cybersecurity companies to watch operates a real-time fraud detection and analytics platform, helping companies with high volumes of digital transactions to identify anomalies.

Looking Back: Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud Statistics for 2019

Considering the kind of damage identity theft and credit card fraud can do to your life, many consumers want to know just how prevalent these crimes are.

Where the Frauds Are All Legal

Welcome to the weird world of medical billing. Excerpted from the New York Times article "Where the Frauds Are All Legal", by Elisabeth Rosenthal.

5 Top Cybersecurity and DevOps Trends for 2020

As we head into 2020, it’s clear that nothing much has changed in the cybersecurity community: threats are still very real.

Why Aren’t More Financial Institutions Using AI To Fight Fraud?

According to a recently published PYMNTS article, financial institutions are proving slow to adopt artificial-intelligence powered fraud detection. at the Mastercard Start Path Summit 2019

Recently, Co-founder and President of Cathy Ross had a chance to speak at Mastercard's Start Path Summit 2019, held in Miami, Florida.

Why Phone Numbers Stink As Identity Proof

Phone numbers stink for security and authentication. KrebsOnSecurity spoke about this at length with Allison Nixon, director of security research.

GIACT On Payments’ $29M Wire Fraud Wake-Up Call

Last week, the U.S. subsidiary of Japan’s largest financial media organization, Nikkei, made headlines for the reason that no firm ever wants.

Introducing the New Advanced Credit Cards, where the CVVs will change every hour.

Every time your credit card is cloned from an ATM, or taken from a web site, it is wide open for a stealer/criminal to use till you catch on and cancel it.

Mind your own business! CEOs who misuse data could end up in jail

The Mind Your Own Business Act would jail top executives for 20 years if their companies were found lying about misusing citizens’ information.

[Case Study] Top 5 Online Travel Agency Outsmarts Fraudsters

Learn how a multibillion dollar online travel agency reduced fraud by 30% in just 90 days.

Online Travel Fraud: 5 Ways Machine Learning Prevents OTA Fraud

Machine Learning fraud solutions detect risk signals across thousands of variables in real-time. We'll follow a transaction to see it in action.