Top Review Sites for Fraud Prevention Software

Find out the Top review websites for fraud detection and e-commerce fraud prevention software ratings to help you select the right fraud solution for your business. As online business transactions increase, online fraud will increase. Your business needs a fraud prevention solution you can trust.

Ecommerce Fraud – 4 Ways Online Merchants Lose Billions

Malware was discovered on the servers used to process payments made at Wawa store locations. Within weeks, the stolen credit card numbers were for sale on the dark web. Find out 4 ways online merchants are losing billions to Card Not Present (CNP) transactions.

Top 7 Ecommerce Fraud Threats Facing Online Retailers in 2020

Learn about the top 7 ecommerce fraud threats facing online merchants in 2020, and find out how online retailers are fighting back

How the World’s Largest Banks Use Advanced Graph Analytics to Fight Fraud

Advanced graph analytics provides deeper insights, helping organizations to preempt fraud and prevent fraud.

Dark Web: A cheat sheet for business professionals

You know what the Dark Web is, but do you really? This cheat sheet will get you caught up on what the dark web is, and why people use it.

Fraud 3.0: when AI can mimic the CEO’s voice

The first case of CEO fraud using software to mimic the human voice has now occurred. Learn how biometrics fraud may be the future for fraudsters! 2020 Travel Fraud Industry Benchmarking Study

This comprehensive benchmarking study, based on actual transaction outcomes, details fraud attack rates by airline, flight route, airport, purchaser location, card issuer, and more. is one of Tech:NYC’s five cybersecurity companies to watch operates a real-time fraud detection and analytics platform, helping companies with high volumes of digital transactions to identify anomalies.

Looking Back: Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud Statistics for 2019

Considering the kind of damage identity theft and credit card fraud can do to your life, many consumers want to know just how prevalent these crimes are.

Where the Frauds Are All Legal

Welcome to the weird world of medical billing. Excerpted from the New York Times article "Where the Frauds Are All Legal", by Elisabeth Rosenthal.

5 Top Cybersecurity and DevOps Trends for 2020

As we head into 2020, it’s clear that nothing much has changed in the cybersecurity community: threats are still very real.

Why Aren’t More Financial Institutions Using AI To Fight Fraud?

According to a recently published PYMNTS article, financial institutions are proving slow to adopt artificial-intelligence powered fraud detection.