Protecting Accounts Payable From Smarter, Faster Fraudsters

Faster and emerging payments systems are gaining traction, as nearly half of corporates are using or interested in using new payment services.

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Mastercard Start Path Seeds Innovation between Startups and Corporates

Strong Identity Verification as a Competitive Advantage

Digitization with strong identity assurance services can significantly help reduce employee workload, paper and manual work flows, and allow businesses to focus on their core objectives, rather than managing identities and meeting regulatory requirements and obligations.

Equifax became the first company to have its outlook downgraded for a cyber attack

"The first time that cyber has been a named factor in an outlook change."

FEC approves free cybersecurity for campaigns despite influence concerns

A nonprofit organization to offer free cybersecurity services to political campaigns.

It’s Time For A Unique Digital ID For Every Person In The World

A global system that authenticate anyone's identity, no matter where they are.

How to Avoid Cybersecurity Fatigue

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Mastercard Wades into Murky Waters

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Chinese Thieves Exploit Facial Recognition

A Chinese man recently had his money stolen from his bank account after his roommates scanned his face while he was asleep.

5 Cybersecurity Myths Banks Should Stop Believing

"The threat of cyber security may very well be the biggest threat to the U.S. financial system."