These are the Top 10 Advanced Fraud Solutions

Fraud is at an all time high in the age of cloud data and unprecedented connectivity, as can be seen on page 6 of the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book. Company data, credit card numbers, home addresses, personal information, and even identities are all under the constant threat of attack. In answer to these threats, companies like have risen to the challenge with innovations in security and protection. Utilizing new technologies allows us to combat would-be attackers and protect your information from falling into the wrong hands. In this article, we’ll examine some of the most effective advanced fraud solutions to date. 

1. AI and Machine Learning

  • Even smaller companies accrue huge amounts of data. One of the most important aspects of fraud prevention is the ability to analyze that data for anomalies and hone in on potential threats.
  • AI and machine learning allow fraud prevention teams to process huge amounts of data using techniques known as “deep learning.” It’s possible to analyze billions of transactions, account openings, and other financial events, and then generate an optimized model that allows for faster, better decision making. 

2. Device and Website Shielding

  • Two major points of threat penetration for any company are through the company website and onsite mobile devices. Protective services like our platform can close up security gaps through enhanced threat detection and isolation.
  • Real-time protection is key with this method, as it takes constant monitoring and analysis to ward off threats as they occur. AI technology provides continuous monitoring both of website traffic and mobile device fingerprints to provide up-to-date analytics and threat scoring.

3. IP Address Verification 

  • Fraud is often committed through the use of a virtual private network, or VPN, to provide the attacker with anonymity. That’s why IP address verification is so important. Identifying the entity you’re interacting with can go a long way to preventing data leaks or unauthorized access to your network.
  • A comprehensive IP address verification system will be able to check addresses and ISPs against vast databases to search for problematic histories or associations before completing any transactions or network interactions. 

4. Social Media Intelligence

  • While social media offers unprecedented connectedness, it also serves as a tempting source for personal information mining for malicious use. In order to combat this, it’s always a good idea to have some form of social media intelligence that allows for profile checking and verification.
  • A strong social media intelligence platform will use machine learning to scan profiles and add an extra layer of security for financial transactions.

5. Unified Data

  • The incredible amounts of a company’s important data are usually separated from each other. Whether it’s by department or locality, there is often key information that is being retained in some sort of data silo.
  • Unifying data allows for faster analysis and threat hunting. Simply put, when everything is accessible at once, it’s easier to spot anomalies. Data mining platforms are able to scan huge amounts of data for greater fraud protection while also offering insights into company process optimization.

6. Login Scoring

  • The most important security point for digital service providers occurs at the customer’s login. Cybercrime organizations make heavy use of stolen credit card information and taking over their victims’ devices for online transactions, and login scoring serves as their roadblock.
  • An effective login scoring platform will be able to detect when a credit card or device is being used by somebody other than the owner. Additionally, this platform should work to stop the login from occurring. It’s also of utmost importance that the login scoring is accurate, or it might be preventing actual customers from gaining access to a service.

7.  Marketing Channel Monitoring

  • Overall, It’s estimated that marketing fraud will consume 30-40 percent of global digital media investments by 2025, costing companies tens of billions of marketing dollars.
  • Marketing fraud occurs in two different forms. The first method is click fraud. This uses bot traffic to “click” the ads and drive up marketing costs astronomically. Secondly,  fraud occurs with transactional fraud. This works through fraudulent ad space providers, taking money to display ads on bogus sites.
  • Successful marketing channel monitoring uses AI technology to detect these attacks and prevent any kind of transaction from taking place. 

8. Dark Web Intelligence 

  • The “dark web” refers to the part of the internet that is not public facing and is not searchable through conventional search engines. This is where the majority of cybercrime occurs. Subsequently, crimes often involve the purchasing of stolen credit card numbers and personal information.
  • Truly comprehensive fraud protection must account for the dark web. Whether it’s through investigative personnel, machine learning, or a combination of both. Overall monitoring of dark web activity is a necessity to keep your data secure.

9. Continuous Risk Monitoring

  • One of the universal truths of fraud security in a company’s environment is that the risk of attack is constant. At any given time, there is most likely a bot of some sort trying to break through a company’s protection and gain access to vital data.
  • To battle constant threat, security must be working constantly. Truly dependable fraud protection platforms will utilize AI and machine learning for genuine 24/7 monitoring and protection against threats. Fraud never sleeps, and neither should your security platform. 

10. Industry Benchmarking 

  • All companies are alike in that they are each fighting their own battles against fraud. This allows for a great opportunity to benchmark your own security’s performance against that of your peers, showing you where you can improve your defenses.
  • offers comprehensive benchmarking services to ensure that your company is equipped with the most effective fraud protection possible.

Advanced Fraud Solutions For Your Business

To sum up, the above advanced fraud solutions represent many components of a strong and comprehensive approach to securing a company against cybercrime. offers even more ways to protect your company from fraudulent activity.

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