As digital business operations and online transactions increase, the potential for fraud also increases.

Due to the increase of cybercrime that is expected to cost businesses worldwide $8 trillion by 2022, a variety of fraud prevention software companies have gained strong traction in the market. Providers all vary, although they share a common goal: to reduce fraud in the online global marketplace.

Some fraud software companies focus on risk intelligence, revenue and reputation management. Others put their primary focus on automated fraud prevention and protection from fraud attacks and abuse, while others focus primarily on fraud prevention and chargeback protection. Regardless of the provider, they strive to make the internet a safer place for all to conduct business without affecting the customer experience.

When it comes time for a business to choose a software provider for their fraud prevention needs, it can be stressful and overwhelming because there are so many choices.

Fraud prevention software company review sites can help you better understand the dimensions of differentiation and make the right choice based on your needs. informed These sites provide a variety of unbiased customer reviews and fraud education.

Featured Customers is the world’s top website for business-to-business (B2B) software and services. Throughout the site, a variety of case studies and customer stories, videos and testimonials combine to give prospective customers a way to research a variety of business solutions.

Vendors are listed on by the software and/or the services they provide. This comprehensive website is free for users. Some vendors pay for extra exposure, but all vendors are listed on the site to enable businesses to have the greatest opportunity to make well-informed purchase decisions.

Software and apps help organizations and people become more efficient in both their home and work lives. The detail provided on this review site gives businesses of all sizes the information they need to purchase their next B2B software or service.

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Analytics Insight bills itself a premier information and analytics source to help organizations maximize their strategic value.

In addition to its website, Analytics Insight produces a print and digital publication that is focused on big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Daily news and analytics, research reports, and data are also provided by Analytics Insight in their effort to educate users around the world.

Analytics Insight’s target audience includes an engaged and quickly growing group of big data analytics professionals, entrepreneurs and investors that are located worldwide.

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Capterra­­­ was founded in 1999 when Michael Ortner was in the market for a new software program and discovered a lack of information available to help him make a good decision.

On, companies are listed by the software category, and the website and its tools and resources are free to users. Although some software vendors pay Capterra, unpaid vendors are also listed on the site in an effort to offer the most information possible to consumers.

You will also find user reviews on the site. Today, more than one million reviews are posted on, with thousands of new reviews being submitted monthly.

Review the e-commerce fraud prevention software at offers a variety of unbiased information about technology and trends is delivered globally to business professionals. Many online businesses have trouble understanding and keeping up to date with fraud trends, and is a global community to help educate them.

On, vendors are listed by industry, functionality, fraud type and/or technology. A comprehensive list of providers is included on the site, which also includes news, education and clarity about the fraud industry.

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At, there are more than one million unbiased user reviews that help businesses make informed decisions about their software and service needs. Site visitors can find, review and manage a variety of technology from this large tech marketplace.

G2 was founded in 2012 when five entrepreneurs asked themselves why it was easier to find customer reviews about a hotel room than it was about an expensive business-changing software application.

G2 provides real-time advice from peers on their website. With so many applications available on the market, shoppers appreciate the help this gives them as they work towards making an informed purchase decision.

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