Learn how Fraud.net handles fraud prevention for travel agencies across the entire customer lifecycle.

“Fraud.net’s solutions and teams far surpassed our expectations, delivering tangible value within 90 days. We gained $100mm in new sales, reduced fraud by 30%, and enabled our team to operate more effectively and efficiently. Their platform is indispensable. And their 3rd party data integration simplified reviews, leading to valuable savings in time and money. Their expertise is unmatched.” — Senior Vice-President

Results within 90 Days:

  • Fraud.net helped the firm achieve a 400% increase in identification of fraudulent transactions.
  • Fraud.net was able to help the firm achieve a 30% reduction in the number of queued transactions in 60 days, significantly improving efficiency of fraud monitoring
  • The firm was able to reduce person-hours by 60%, eliminating an overnight shift of fraud prevention specialists, keeping all fraud prevention working during established business hours.