Learn how a multibillion dollar online travel agency reduced fraud by 30% in just 90 days.


Our client is one of the world’s top 5 online travel agencies (OTAs), with $billions in annual bookings for travel in over 200 countries. They partner with hundreds of airlines and car rental companies, along with hundreds of thousands of hotels globally, to serve millions of online visitors every day.


The client faced 4 challenges common in online travel:

(1) Higher number and sophistication of fraud attempts
(2) A corresponding increase in the case management workload
(3) Inability to expand into geographies with high incidence of fraud
(4) Relevant 3rd Party Data was housed in disparate silos and apps


Using Fraud.net, the OTA was able to quickly reduce fraud, increase approvals, and enable market expansion into higher risk regions.

  • Over 99% of client transactions were scored correctly
  • Overall fraud declined 30%, driven by accurate Fraud Risk Scores from our Fraud Detection Platform
  • Insider threats decreased 90%, driven by machine learning algorithms comparing agent-level behaviors and outcomes
  • Market expansion was now possible, generating $100mm after leveraging advanced data mining and visualization to root out bad actors in target regions
  • Case loads declined and manual reviews were faster, driven by fewer false positives and the integration of client, 3rd party, and Fraud.net data in one portal.
  • Approval rates increased 10%, with fewer false positives

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