Cathy Ross On Her Innovation Influences With Mastercard Start Path

Cathy Ross, President of, spoke to Mastercard Start Path about her background, her innovation influences, and what drives her.

In her personal interview at the Start Path Summit, Cathy discusses how the location of her town influenced a move into STEM. She also discusses how teachers, and a special family member, encouraged her to keep pushing for excellence.

Mastercard profiled Cathy Ross in Her Ideas. Her Ideas is a digital innovation space for female entrepreneurs to share their insights and experience, which included a profile in the New York Times on International Women’s Day (IWD) 2020.

Cathy Ross has a long track record of technology innovation. Cathy held leadership roles in technology firms for more than a decade before she co-founded, a New York City-based company that protects businesses by making online transactions safer. Today Cathy’s team helps businesses from all over the world identify and fight fraud.

Mastercard’s Start Path has evaluated 10,000 startups worldwide since its inception, seeking out future leaders in FinTech. is one of nearly 200 startups around the globe in Smart Path. These firms have raised a cumulative $1.4 billion in capital since joining the program. Today, they are entering the public markets, reaching unicorn status, and entering extended commercial engagements with and its customers.

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