Cathy Ross, president and co-founder of, was recently interviewed by In Touch Networks on her experiences building her network, her career, and share her plans for the year ahead. The organization, founded in 2013, highlights elite professionals with businesses in pursuit of exceptional board-level talent. With over 40,000 members worldwide, Cathy Ross was selected for their member spotlight series. The interview shares  her varied expertise in entrepreneurship. These experiences expand across in the areas of cybersecurity, payments, e-commerce, and finance. In Touch describes its member journeys as “very personal and fascinating…on the road to success”. Ross’s journey throughout the tech world is no exception. 

An experienced entrepreneur, Ross has decades of demonstrated leadership and innovation, which she now applies to her current role as President and Co-Founder of, a leader in AI-powered enterprise risk intelligence. Additionally, Ross has received praise for her work widely, with features in the New York Times, Tech NYC, and more. Likewise, she has been an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace at well. This has led to Ross speaking on panels hosted by Blavity, Inc., MasterCard, and more on female empowerment and diverse inclusion in the businesses world. Most recently, Cathy spoke on a panel for Blavity, Inc. titled “In Solidarity – Work and Wealth in Black America”. This interview for InTouch showcases not only her unique voice, but her keen insights on how to continue to network digitally and beyond.

Watch below to gain access to Cathy’s insights, views, tips and the details of her long career.

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About In Touch Networks 

In Touch was established in 2013 with the purpose of connecting elite professionals with businesses in pursuit of exceptional board-level talent. In Touch have since grown their services to boast a the most comprehensive set of tools and resources available to those embarking on a portfolio career. Subsequently, they have helped thousands of senior professionals in their journey. To the boardroom and beyond, through unrivaled learning and development programs and access to an extensive network of like-minded people.


Co-founded by Cathy Ross, is a cloud-based fraud detection system. is more than a product, solution, or set of fraud-prevention technologies. It’s a global, anti-fraud network based on collective intelligence. helps clients detect and prevent fraud for all transactions using all their data, and anonymized data from the network to evaluate financial risk. Additionally, is the only cloud-based “glass-box” system. To clarify, we offer a full and transparent presentation of the data, statistics and contextual variables to help organizations simultaneously reduce risk and optimize business processes. Enterprises can simplify their fraud management. Our team is made of up of dozens of dedicated professionals, many with decades of deep experience in e-commerce, financial services, data science and advanced technology. Together with the intelligence of a global network of collaborative enterprises, help save your business from critical losses.