Few of us will look back wistfully at 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic created havoc and brought challenges by the dozens. Politicians speak of “(n)ever letting a crisis go to waste.” Unfortunately, criminals were taking the same advice, using the uncertainty and fear around the COVID pandemic to cash in. COVID fraud became common. Despite the tragedies and heartbreaks amidst the pandemic, it did provide us with some cyber-fraud lessons. It also showed which companies had cyber-resilience across their people, processes, and technologies to help them survive and thrive during the pandemic. From these lessons, we’ve created a guide to 2021, and the future, as the pandemic leaves behind a different world.

Highlights of this eBook include:

  • Challenges, Changes, and Lessons Learned in 2020
  • COVID Fraud Schemes – Be prepared for tomorrow!
  • The new “Normal” Post-Vaccine, COVID Fraud in the Future
  • Fraud Prevention Changes Required
  • and more!