While estimates vary, some believe Canadians are the target of up to 66% of all global phishing attacks, the global leader, with 57% recently reported being the victim of a cybercrime, as surveyed by the Cybersecure Policy Exchange (CPX).
As part of this trend, long-term campaigns directed at Canadian banks and customers by fraudsters are rising. The reasons are not straightforward or obvious but point to a mix of factors contributing to the situation.
It is clear that what has worked in the past will no longer suffice. Post-COVID Canada will present new paradigms for bank fraud. The response needs to be new, as well, and we have the solution.
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  • Drivers of the phishing epidemic in Canada
  • Why phishing is here to stay post COVID.
  • Why Canada has become the global leader in phishing attacks
  • A comprehensive, multi-layered anti-phishing strategy for banks.
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