Fraud Threats In and After the COVID Era

In fragile times, fraud flourishes – it’s no wonder the pandemic created a perfect environment for cybercrime. With the shift to a more digital presence, fraudsters now have an increased victim pool. With $675 million in losses due to COVID-related fraud attacks, and digital scams increasing every year, you cannot afford to have gaps in your fraud prevention. 

Fortunately, we have an answer – our end-to-end AI and machine learning-based fraud management ecosystem built specifically to complement your business needs, including solutions to reduce COVID-related scams like phishing, ransomware, and payment fraud.

In this free eBook, learn:

  • The Extent of the Problem
  • What is Cybercrime-as-a-Service?
  • The Top COVID Scams
  • Long-Term Impacts of COVID fraud
  • Steps to Take to Combat Pandemic Fraud
  • and more…