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This December, Co-founder and President of, Cathy Ross, had a chance to speak at Mastercard’s Start Path Summit 2019, held in Miami, Florida. During her speech, Cathy discussed both upcoming fraud trends as well as some of’s main features, such as its data unification and enrichment. Among the trends Cathy addressed was increasing financial losses due to cybercrime and fraud, which are projected to quadruple in the next half-decade, potentially costing businesses an accumulative 8 trillion dollars a year by 2023. Another trend discussed were data breaches, and how the odds that your personally identifiable information is up for sale on the dark web increases with each breach that occurs. was built to address these threats, preventing both fake and real personal information from being used to commit fraud within our covered customer’s transactions.

Cathy Ross speaking at the Mastercard 2019 Summit is proud to be a member of Mastercard Start Path, which gave us the opportunity to present our company at this summit to over 700 banks, financial institutions, and tech companies. If your late-stage tech startup is looking to gain more visibility, consider applying to Mastercard’s Start Path here.

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