global address verification

Need to verify international addresses quickly and easily?

Now you can, with’s new global address verification.

Until recently, we were only able to verify addresses found in the United States Post Office Database, but we’ve expanded our verification feature to include international addresses. This way, you know if any address used in an application or transaction is valid, even if it’s outside of the United States.

You can also write and set rules around this information, such as auto-approvals/denials or risk scoring triggered by specific address criteria. But first, read on to see why this new feature is important.

Why is this Important?


Address verification helps businesses verify the identity of a customer by matching the IP address of the purchase to the customer’s shipping or billing address. It is also useful in application reviews to ensure that the identity applying for a loan or credit card lives at or owns the address they list. Address verification also falls under KYC and AML compliance practices, allowing your business to avoid costly fines.

With global address verification, the pool of addresses to verify against is much larger, allowing for a more accurate analysis and risk score. This is especially useful for companies transacting with or shipping goods to international customers. 

Want to learn more about global address verification? Contact one of our solutions specialists today to see how our platform can help you. 

Transaction AI

Real-time transaction monitoring and identity verification to mitigate transaction fraud schemes.

  • Rapid and accurate risk scoring
  • AI-powered rules engine
  • Identity verification and transaction history
  • AML monitoring

Application AI

Efficient and accurate verification to combat loan and application fraud schemes, including synthetic identities.

  • Stem application and synthetic identity fraud with identity verification
  • Quickly review and risk-score applications
  • Auto-approve/deny features