The two companies join forces to verify customer identities and secure the customer journey.


November 9, 2023AtData

New York, NY –, the real-time transaction monitoring company, partners with AtData, a global provider of email address intelligence solutions. This partnership forms a strategic alliance set to transform the way businesses combat digital financial crime, manage fraud risk, and streamline compliance.’s innovative solution enables banks, fintechs, and digital enterprises to automate risk management processes and efficiently orchestrate fraud data. This empowers companies to not only protect themselves from fraud but also build higher levels of trust with their customers, unlocking growth opportunities in previously deemed risky areas and establishing a competitive edge.

AtData, the email address experts, complement’s offering with their data and digital identity validation by leveraging billions of monthly activity signals across a proprietary network to determine the validity of the person behind an email address. Together, these solutions aim to empower businesses to make informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and mitigate risks effectively. Additionally, businesses can enjoy simplified compliance, improved customer trust, data-driven decision-making, and growth opportunities with the combined power of this partnership.

Cathy Ross, President and co-founder of, is enthusiastic about the partnership, saying, “Our collaboration with AtData will revolutionize risk management and fraud prevention, empowering clients to tackle complex challenges in the modern business landscape.”

Diarmuid Thoma, AtData’s VP Of Fraud & Data Strategy, shares Ross’s enthusiasm: “The combination of and AtData is a game-changer for risk management, providing businesses with the tools they need to protect their customers and thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.”

To speak with a representative for information, pricing, or a free product demo, contact us, and visit AtData to learn more about their fraud prevention offerings.

About operates a unified fraud, AML, and digital risk management platform for financial services and digital commerce enterprises worldwide. The cloud-born platform helps organizations dramatically reduce fraud, false positives, and financial crime and automates customer onboarding and compliance workflows. The platform leverages a no-code/low-code architecture, offers natively integrated data and tools from 50+ leading 3rd Party specialists, and relies on custom AI models to enable companies to make safer, smarter, and more profitable decisions. 

About AtData:

AtData, the Email Address Experts, is the leader in email address intelligence. With accurate, comprehensive, and privacy-compliant email-centric data solutions powered by over 20 years of historical email and postal addresses, AtData’s email address intelligence product suite processes billions of monthly activity signals across its proprietary network. AtData not only validates and verifies its customers’ first-party data but also enables those organizations to develop actionable customer profiles and assess risk, resulting in an increase in customer engagement, sales, and retention. 

To learn more about AtData, please contact April Paige, Marketing & Communications Manager at AtData: