Fraud News Roundup June 18 – July 1

In an effort to keep our followers abreast of stories and information that may impact their businesses, we’ve curated the following list of recent fraud-related news. Keep checking back every two weeks for the newest updates on fraud news! 

700 Million LinkedIn Records Posted

In an apparent repeat of a similar event in April, 700 million records of LinkedIn users were made available on a hacker forum, likely through data-scraping.

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Hacker’s Use Rogue Call Center in Ransomware Attack

A well-coordinated ransomware attack targets Windows PCs and specifically Office 365 users, utilizing phishing and a fake call center to have victims download malware. 

Microsoft Customer Service Agent’s Credentials Stolen

A state-sponsored group was likely behind the theft of customer service agent’s credentials to attack Microsoft customers. The impacted customers were primarily American IT companies and government agencies.

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Oklahoma Casinos Targeted in Ransomware Attack

Six Oklahoma casinos were victims of a ransomware attack that temporarily closed their operations. 

Carnival Victimized In Another Major Data Breach

The cruise line reported they were breached by hackers in the spring, impacting portions of their IT systems. As a result, criminals gained access to personal information of customers and employees. In 2020, Carnival was affected by three data breaches.

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European Police Stop US$15 Million Fraud Ring

An international organized fraud group, under the guise of prominent corporations, would procure expensive goods online with 30-day payment terms. Before the arrest, they had absconded with at least US$15 million of goods that were later sold as part of a money-laundering scheme.

Ransomware Groups Recruiting Partners

Some ransomware gangs are seeking affiliates to carry out their attacks. They are promoting their commission rate and technology through the dark web. In addition, they state the organizations they will not target. 

Banking Smishing Scheme Stopped

A scammer in the UK was apprehended after sending out up to 25,000 fraudulent texts daily in a scheme to obtain banking information from consumers. The individual was very likely part of a larger organized phishing gang.

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