Fraud News Roundup July 2 – July 15

In an effort to keep our followers abreast of stories and information that may impact your businesses, we have curated the following list of recent fraud news.

Kaseya Ransomware Attack – Largest Ever

Hackers associated with REvil targeted Kaseya and their customers with likely the largest ransomware attack ever. The supply-chain attack impacted up to 1,500 customers of Kaseya’s VSA remote management service. 

fraud news Large-Scale Synthetic identity Fraud Ring Busted

A synthetic identity fraud ring was charged with stealing over US$1 million from U.S. banks. In addition, they had built up credit limits totaling hundreds of millions from financial institutions across the U.S. 

Guess Fashion Hit with “Extremely Valuable” Data Loss

Fashion brand and retailer Guess disclosed they were struck earlier this year by a ransomware attack. They are informing 1,300 individuals about the exposure of their personal and banking data. The data breached included passports, social security numbers, driver’s licenses, financial information, and other elements. 

CNA Insurance Victim of Ransomware Attackfraud news

Insurance giant, CNA, notified customers of a data breach in March that impacted 75,000+ individuals. Hackers encrypted over 15,000 devices after deploying ransomware.  

Morgan Stanley Hacked as a Result of Breach at Accellion

Criminals were able to access the data of Morgan Stanley stock plan participants. They exploited vulnerabilities in Accellion’s file transfer software used by Guidehouse, an account maintenance service provider of Morgan Stanley.

Mint Mobile Data Breached, Numbers Ported

Telecommunications provider Mint Mobile disclosed a data breach of subscribers’ personal information, and also led to porting of phone numbers to another carrier. 

fraud news

Major Medical Service Supplier Hit by Ransomware Attack

Hackers attacked Practicefirst Medical Management Solutions and PBS Medcode, a provider of healthcare billing and coding services, with ransomware that resulted in a breach of over 1 million patients’ data.

Navistar Data Files Posted on Dark Web

Truck manufacturer Navistar was victimized by the theft of sensitive financial information. The criminals are offering the files on a dark web marketplace. It appears the attack did not involve ransomware. 

Complex Social Engineering Attack Targets Energy Companies

An intricate long-term social engineering scheme aimed primarily at the oil and gas sector has utilized remote access trojans to attempt to steal sensitive company information.

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