Fraud News Roundup for August 13 – August 26

In an effort to keep our followers abreast of stories and information that may impact their businesses, we have curated the following list of recent fraud-related news. 

T-Mobile Data Breach Impacts Millions of Customers

Telecommunication giant T-Mobile was hacked in a breach that could have exposed up to 100 million of their customer’s personal information. The data is allegedly being sold on the dark web.

A man typing on his mobile phone

Nokia Subsidiary Hit by Ransomware Attack

A Nokia subsidiary was hit by a ransomware attack that stole 250GB of sensitive personal information and encrypted their system.

Phishing Attacks Costing Companies 4X Compared to 6 Years Ago

A new study has revealed that the cost of phishing attacks increased 4X over the past six years. For large U.S. companies, this results in an annual average cost of $1,500 per employee.

New Phishing Attack Spoofing UPS.comCredit cards at the laptop keyboard

A new sophisticated phishing scam is spoofing the site to distribute a malicious document. The scheme’s email includes numerous legitimate links to obfuscate theintent.

Consortium Created to Protect Connected Cars

Auto and IT companies are creating a consortium designed to protect connected cars from cyberattacks. The companies include Toyota, Nissan, NTT, and Trend Micro. 

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Half of U.S. Hospitals Shut Down Network Because of Ransomware

A survey of U.S. hospitals found that 48% had shut down their networks in the last six months due to a ransomware attack or proactively to avoid a breach.

Small New Hampshire Town Defrauded of $2.3 Million by BEC Scheme

The small town of Peterborough, NH, was defrauded of $2.3 million by international criminals using a BEC scheme to divert funds.


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