Fraud News Roundup July 16 – July 29

In an effort to keep our followers abreast of stories and information that may impact their businesses, we have curated the following list of recent fraud-related news.

Cybercriminals Stealing Identities of Victims of Florida Condo Collapse

Criminals are apparently using news reports to learn the names of victims of the Surfside, FL condominium collapse to steal their identities. Recently, one couple’s account was found to be compromised on the day of their funeral. 

UC San Diego Health Victimized by Phishing Attack

San Diego’s leading hospital group, UC San Diego Health, was breached in the spring due to a phishing attack. The hackers accessed a wide variety of PII for patients, students, and employees. 

Texan Caught in $12M Invoice Fraud Scheme

A West Texan was convicted in a $12 million invoice fraud campaign for phony oil pipeline work. This conviction occurred while he was awaiting trial on a $2 million fraud scheme involving the sale of cattle. 

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Florida Unemployment Site Hit by Cyberattack

The department that runs the Florida unemployment benefit site recently announced they were struck by a data breach. The fraudsters exposed 58,000 claimant accounts. 

Financial Services Technology Provider Taken Offline by Ransomware Attack 

Cloudstar, a technology provider to financial institutions, was hit with a “highly sophisticated” ransomware attack that has impacted some of its systems. The company is still working to restore access for customers. 

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Malware and Social Engineering Campaign Targets U.S. Defense Contractor

State-run hackers employed a multi-faceted scheme in an attempt to implant malware at a U.S. defense contractor through social engineering. The attack, which included “flirtatious” videos sent to a target at the contractor, appears to have been thwarted.

Canadian Immersive Entertainment Company Target of Ransomware Attack 

A leader in haptic and immersive entertainment technology, D-BOX, reported they were recently targeted by a ransomware attack. The company’s internal IT systems were impacted for over a week and it has resulted in a delay in their quarterly financial disclosures.

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