Fraud News Roundup for July 30 – August 12

In an effort to keep our followers abreast of stories and information that may impact their businesses, we have curated the following list of recent fraud-related news.

atm cards

Cryptocurrency Platform Hack Results in $600M Loss

Poly Network, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, reported that criminals stole $600 million in funds from their network. The theft exceeded all DeFi losses combined for the year.

1 Million Stolen Credit Cards Made Available for Free

Cybercriminals have leaked 1 million stolen credit cards and made them available for free to promote their new dark website. The cards were stolen in 2018 and 2019. 

Cyber Intrusions Increased 125% in 1H 2021 Compared to 2020

A new global study by Accenture analyzed the cyber intrusions in 1H 2021. Among the findings, industries hardest hit were consumer goods, industrial, banking, and travel.

Accenture Targeted in Ransomware Attack

Accenture confirmed they were targeted in a recent ransomware attack, but stated there was “no impact” to their operations or clients’ systems. 

Gift Card Fraud Scheme Exposed

Security researchers discovered a gift card fraud scheme that targeted cards sold through third-party discount merchants. 

A stethoscope and calculator

Florida Hospital’s Systems Down for 1 Month after Attack

UF Health Central Florida reported that an earlier cyberattack exposed patients’ data and resulted in numerous systems being down for a month.

New Bank Malware Harvesting Login Credentials

A new Android malware was recently detected that utilizes VNC screen-sharing to mirror screens of infected devices.


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