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CXO Outlook Magazine’s “10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders of 2022”

April 8, 2022

New York, NY – Cathy Ross, the President and co-founder of, was recently featured in “10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders of 2022,” CXO Outlook Magazine’s March issue highlighting stories of entrepreneurship and innovation across industries. An independent publication for C-suite leaders and learners, CXO Outlook’s profile of Cathy Ross shares her story as a seasoned entrepreneur in finance and technology, as well as the inspiration behind her current business,, and the vision she has for its trajectory.

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“We put together a time capsule in high school, writing letters to our future selves. I received that letter in the mail ten years later. I had written down my dream at the time: to own a business in New York City…Thirty years later, I have founded and successfully sold three companies and now own one of the leading fraud prevention companies in the world, serving clients across the globe.”

Cathy Ross

Noting her beginnings in finance and her impeccable business acumen over the last 30+ years, and describing her successful transition from that industry into entrepreneurship and technology, this profile provides readers with insights into the life and achievements of one of the first African American women to own a firm on Wall Street, a female founder of a dot-com company recognized by Inc. Magazine as the 17 fastest-growing retail company, and how she came up with the award-winning comprehensive fraud solution she is known for today. Additionally, in the article, she advises readers hoping to start new businesses, grow in their industries, or itching to invent.

Cathy Ross is certainly one of the most inspiring business leaders! To read the full article, please click here.

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