Fraud analysts need case management software that works for them, not the other way around.

There is no doubt that fraud investigations are complex. They can consume considerable personnel and technology resources.

For this reason, many organizations use Case Management software solutions in their attempts to thwart fraudulent activities and recover as much money as possible.

Why Is Case Management Important?

Case Management is vital for combatting fraud. At a high level, it offers two critical components. First, it creates centralized oversight that facilitates fraud identification. Additionally, it provides streamlined processes for corrective measures and identifying valuable trends, speeding up legitimate transactions.

Without a robust Case Management program, companies risk dropping or losing vital data due to unclear collaboration standards.

Case Management Software

Case Management Software offers the possibility of a centralized repository that organizes all the information fraud examiners need. Centralized platforms provide insights such as highlighted patterns of recurring fraudulent behavior. This, in turn, reduces duplication in effort when collecting and sharing information from disparate sources.

The software typically has the following features to reduce investigation times and increase the possibility to recover more funds:

  • Reusable templates: to facilitate the investigation process and eliminate duplication of efforts, save time, and lead to better compliance and recoveries.
  • Systems integrations: to increase efficiencies with tools like real-time case monitoring.
  • Automated workflows: Team members can set alerts and notifications to maintain consistent investigative tracking and an eye-on approach for needed high-risk cases.
  • Customizable options: to allow companies to set their own flagging criteria to highlight blind spots and risks, see forecasted trends, and conduct root cause analysis.
  • Report generation: rapid investigation reporting executed in seconds, helping reduce time and overhead for fraud investigators.

How Case Management Software Can Help Your Business

Case Management programs, when deployed correctly, offer the possibility of reducing fraud investigation costs. However, the techniques are only one part of a successful program. Fraud teams need software solutions that group users based on location, business unit, or expertise. Additionally, they need solutions that give each team unique data displays and SLAs.

An investigation team without this software may be forced to investigate fraud details and data on many separate and siloed platforms. Also, fraud analysts risk losing critical case data and information as it moves in and out of the various systems.

Fraud analysts need fraud software that works for them, not the other way around. These teams need to keep relevant network, device, and customer history details in one place to make smarter and faster decisions.

Fortunately has a solution.

Take It to the Next Level with Integrated AI

While unifying diverse case information, many Case Management software options still require a great deal of manual work. However, the best tools have customizations built into them.’s Case Management Console lets you tailor your fraud prevention rules without the need for IT assistance. reduces fraud investigation costs and quickly speeds up legitimate transactions. It lets you filter transactions through customized auto rules, filters, and workflow options.

Our solution integrates AI-powered technology, reduces investigation time, and increases fraud identification accuracy. Powered by our Collective Intelligence Network and leveraging third-party APIs, the Case Management Console gives fraud investigators more accurate rules and decision-making insights without having to put in any additional effort.

In addition,’s AI keeps learning and improving as more transactions are approved or denied. Further refining criteria to fine-tune analysis allows you to spend less time running down low-rate risks and concentrate on the higher levels that save money.

Give your teams the upper hand by implementing Case Management best practices and deploying a best-in-class technology. Automation and AI-powered solutions can replace inefficient manual workloads with agile, accurate innovations that will streamline legitimate transaction investigations, thus reducing process, communication friction, and overall fraud investigation costs. gets fraud investigators the right data at the right time, all on a single screen. Help your fraud team streamline fraud analysis, instead of fighting their way through it.

Optimize Your Risk Management with’s tools are built for business. From streamlining fraud reviews to tailoring fraud prevention rules with AI-driven risk profiles, is here to help contextualize, optimize and streamline how you and your business expedite fraud investigations.

To learn more about what our platform can do for your business, contact us today for a free demo of our solution.