Improve Your Customer’s Experience

Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) is one of the fastest-growing payment options, with a user base growing by 400% from 2019, Gen-Z users now a 600% larger market share, and 85% of current users planning to stay with this option. However, this alternative payment method opens merchants up to more fraud opportunities due to its unique nature in expanding the customer journey.

Learn more about this payment option, common types of buy now pay later fraud, and how to leverage Collective Intelligence, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to combat these fraud schemes quickly and effectively.

In this 15-minute free video, learn:

  • What is BNPL and Why is It So Popular?
  • Risks at Every Stage of the Customer Journey
  • Should You Adopt a BNPL Option?
  •’s Buy Now Pay Later Fraud Solution
  • and more…