With regulators across the EU hitting businesses with tens of millions of euros in fines, digital security compliance becomes vital to the survival of your business’s profits.

Fraud prevention with a cloud based system enables massive savings both in terms of regulatory fees and overhead costs.

In this webinar, Raj Yadav, Chief Information Security Officer at Fraud.net highlights many prevalent problems with secure banking methods, and the solutions in Europe.

Learn how:

  • One of the oldest and largest banks in the EU saw 400% increase in cases of identified fraud, avoiding fines and regulatory costs in the millions.
  • Sophisticated cloud-based technology can be scaled quickly through AI.
  • An end-to-end system covers the entire customer journey through constant machine learning and risk scores.

This 20-minute free webinar is an overview of the incredible opportunities of predictive fraud prevention, detection, and analysis. The future is AI and Fraud.net has it.