View a recording of President, Cathy Ross, as she gives an in-depth presentation on online travel fraud trends and fraud attack rates.

Geography – Did you know:

  1. 15% of online purchases of air travel from Las Vegas to LAX are fraud attempts?
  2. Nearly a fifth of online purchases from individuals in Jakarta, Cairo, and Kuala Lampur are fraud attempts?

Airlines – Did you know:

  1. Online purchases of Air France flights are 63% more likely to be fraudulent than Lufthansa flights?
  2. Delta faces the highest attack rate of US-based carriers, and is 33% more likely than a United Transaction to be a fraud attempt.
Ideal for travel industry stakeholders from airlines, online travel agencies (OTAs), card issuers, and relevant ecommerce businesses seeking to understand trends in online travel fraud, key threats, and how to stop fraud before it happens.