Fraud bibles are more widespread than you think and are harmful to your business.

A couple of years ago, in 2019, certain corners of the internet became abuzz with chatter about a new illicit publication called “The Fraud Bible.” Sites like 4chan and the more nefarious parts of Reddit were filled with people asking questions like “What is it?” and, more importantly, “Where can I get it?” 

Even now, when you search for “fraud bible” on any search engine, most of what you’ll find are various scattered references to this titular guidebook and a seemingly disorganized narrative about what it is or who wrote it, or what it contains. 

The reality is that fraud bibles have existed for years and are much more widespread than most people would want to believe. 

One Fraud Bible, or Many?

Most surface-level discussion about “the Fraud Bible” will be referring to a more recent publication going simply by that title. A 33-gigabyte compendium of all things illicit and fraudulent, the book was even popularized by a song written by a rapper known as Lil Thorny in 2019. The publication markets itself as “…a guide book to hacking and accessing a different life.”  

However, there are many other such books. The more popular titles are the Teejayx6 Fraud Bible, Goonezys Bible, Balenci’s Dummy Bible, Kasher Quon Fraud Bible, Method Bible, and OBN Devs Fraud Packet, among others. The tables of contents for these books read about the same across the board, each featuring a more personalized set of approaches to generally the same overarching fraud schemes.  

Fraud Bible Contents

A fraud bible is, simply put, a collection of techniques, hacks, and instructions for committing fraud in a huge variety of ways. There is information for people wanting to commit credit card fraud, identity theft, wire fraud, BIN fraud, and everything else under the sun. There are even fraud bibles out there that detail how to go about creating a completely new identity for one’s self. 

A typical table of contents might read as follows:

  1.     BINS and Levels and Banks
  2.     Bank Transfer 100_ Successful
  3.     Basic Carding for Noobs
  4.     Best Bins and Top Banks
  5.     Bypass PayPal login verification with 100% Working
  6.     Dark Web Browser & site Link
  7.     Quick Way To Card APPLE WITH EASE
  8.     Scammer & hacker tools and links
  9.     More…

As you can see, every topic in these publications is pretty clearly tied to a scam involving stealing money and information. 

Where Are They Found?

For the most part, fraud bibles can be purchased and/or downloaded on the dark web. This is the corner of the deep web (any part of the internet that isn’t discoverable by a search engine) that’s usually reserved for illegal subject matter and is only accessible through a TOR browser. 

The price of a fraud bible can be anywhere from free to hundreds of dollars, depending on the merchant and the publication itself. On the other hand, many times trying to purchase a fraud bible leads to the purchaser being scammed out of their own money. 

While there are links to download fraud bibles on the searchable web, more often than not they’re going to end up being vehicles for malware infection and phishing attempts. 

Fraud Bibles as Defensive Tools 

The same things that make fraud bibles valuable for potential fraudsters also work to make them possible tools for defense against fraud. By outlining various methods for committing fraud, these publications are also giving those companies who might be victimized a head’s up on potential areas of threat. 

At, part of our efforts to protect our clients from fraudsters and criminal scams is maintaining an ongoing investigation and monitoring of dark web activities and information. This allows us to stay ahead of the threats by keeping up to date on the latest techniques and scams so that we can craft appropriate defenses and implement them into our fraud protection platform. 

To find out how we can help defend your company against fraud, sign up for a free demo today. When it comes to prevention techniques, including dark web intelligence, having the best tools on your side can be the difference that counts.