Accessible,Visualized Data

Easy access to all your order data. Anything you see in the portal can be visualized or exported for comprehensive analysis.

Identify fraudulent patterns

Identify and detect fraudulent patterns and profiles to minimize your future risk exposure.

Leverage your data in one tool

Make informed and data-driven decisions by leveraging massive amounts of information in one tool.

Manage Your Transactions.

Use the Case Management Portal to make the most of every transaction. Whether you auto-approve orders that meet certain criteria or send others to a be reviewed manually, our portal helps you run your business with efficiency and control.

Make A Decision

Ensure your manual review team has all the information they need to make a profitable decision. Use the collective intelligence of our network combined with hundreds of data points to evaluate the risk of every order.

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Write Your Own Rules

Decide the outcome of every transaction based on the parameters you set. Maintain, add, edit, or remove rules in real-time for an immediate impact on your bottom line. Use advanced rule sets to control orders from certain countries, amounts or that have fraudulent attributes tied to previous orders.