Case Study: High-flying Travel Agency Increases Revenue with Better Fraud Prevention

Company Profile

  • Globally one of the fastest-growing travel companies
  • Top 5 U.S. online travel company by revenue
  • Over 1 million site visitors daily


  • Reduce external fraud and internal threats
  • More accurately assess risk
  • Faster approval of legitimate orders
  • Reduce number of cases reviewed and reduce backlog
  • Single point of access for historical customer data and relevant third-party data


  • $100M additional revenue from new targeted regions
  • 99% client transactions scored accurately
  • 90% decrease in insider threats
  • 30% reduction in overall fraud
  • 10% increase in approval rates with fewer false positives

The Problem

Fraud was Grounding Global Growth

Fareportal, an online travel agency with the third-highest U.S. monthly traffic, needed to reduce fraud, more efficiently process good customers, and better utilize siloed third-party data. With bookings in the billions and serving nearly 200 countries, they required a robust, scalable solution to more efficiently detect and prevent fraud, and enhance the customer experience.

The client was looking to address four primary challenges:

  1. Inability to expand into geographies with high incidence of fraud,
  2. Higher levels and sophistication of fraud activity,
  3. Corresponding increase in case management workload,
  4. Acquired third-party data housed in disparate silos and apps.

The Solution

Modular Platform, Integrated Tech Stack and All Data Sources

Working closely with the client to better understand their specific needs, we deployed our Enterprise Fraud Detection Platform. Our solution enabled incorporating a richer data set, leading AI-based technologies, and seamless integration with other solutions. The client gained the following benefits:

  • Data Orchestration – Unified previously siloed client data, and integrated with and third-party sources for more effective risk scoring and detection of potential fraud,
  • Advanced Fraud Intelligence – Sophisticated data mining and visualization for faster identification of anomalies,
  • Modular Architecture – Highly configurable to meet the client’s requirements, and easily integrates with related solutions and the technology stack.

“’s solutions and teams far surpassed our expectations, delivering tangible value within 90 days. We gained $100mm in new sales, reduced fraud by 30%, and enabled our team to operate more effectively and efficiently. Their platform is indispensable. And their 3rd party data integration simplified reviews, leading to valuable savings in time and money. Their expertise is unmatched.”

Senior Vice-President, Fareportal

AWS Infrastructure +’s Intelligence Layer =
A Complete, Cloud-born Fraud Management Platform

The more you move mission-critical processes into the cloud, the greater your agility as an organization, and the faster you will pull ahead of your competition.  But in doing so, you need new frameworks that offload non-core functions to partner specialists offering highly scalable, highly resilient systems-of-record on which you can rely.  Only then can you focus on thrilling your customers by doing what your organization is known for.

Let on AWS help you to:

  • Isolate fraud to deliver immediate bottom-line improvements,
  • Gain real-time risk intelligence across your applications and services,
  • Remove friction from your new customers’ applications and transactions,
  • Grow revenues by confidently expanding into new products and geographies.
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