Multi-Layered Fraud Protection through our Fraud Management Software

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Fraud Management Solutions

Our AI fraud detection and prevention product suite simplifies fraud management, defending against different types of fraud through one unified solution. Fraud detection software makes it easier for your business to be protected from threats and prevent fraud from occurring. Check out our solutions below to see how can help you. 

Account Takeover

Stop users from credential stuffing and brute force attacks to gain unauthorized access to customer accounts.

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Application Fraud

Use our identity services and machine learning algorithms to separate applications into high-risk vs high-trust categories.

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Call Center Fraud

Use our identity services to verify users in real-time as well as track call center agent performance at identifying suspicious transactions.

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Chargeback Protection

Reduce your chargeback rates leveraging our cross-industry dataset of a billion transactions, advanced analytics, and AI and deep learning enhancements.

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Identify anomalies and fraud schemes between multi-party transactions.

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Gift Cards & Rewards

Stop opportunists from taking advantage of program weaknesses and malicious actors from compromising entire member databases.

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Insider Threats

Track internal transactions to uncover anomalies and insider threats to your business.

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Add hundreds of critical identity proofing data points to confirm your new accounts and transactions including multi-factor authentication
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Loan & Credit Fraud

Reduce loan loss rates through data enrichment, linked entity analysis and deep learning.

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Marketing and Affiliate Fraud

Gain better insights into your true costs of customer acquisition by identify high risk marketing channels.

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Mobile Fraud

Gain insights into all types of digital devices in our mobile-first, always-on economy and as the ‘Internet of Things’ develops.
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Omnichannel Fraud

Unify all your important transactions data into the Risk Intelligence Cloud and gain the intelligence you need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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Payment Fraud

Utilize a full suite of identity services, global network intelligence, and AI tools to detect fraud with high precision in real-time.

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Return Fraud

Help close gaps in controls that allow fraudsters to exploit your processes.

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Synthetic Identity

Cross verify critical ID data points and identify high risk behavior associated with synthetic identities.

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