Identity Theft


the number of years in a row in which the identity theft ranked #1 among consumer concerns (FTC)


of fraud prevention professionals pointed to identity fraud as the fraud scheme of greatest concern


of all US consumers reporting being
a victim of identity theft


Identity Theft

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Identity theft has ranked #1 among customer worries for 15 years in a row. 30% of US consumers were notified of a breach in the past year, up from 12% from the previous year. For the first time ever, more Social Security numbers were breached than credit card numbers. Data breaches are causing consumers to lose trust in their institutions, shifting perceived responsibility for preventing fraud from themselves to their banks, service providers and other companies storing their data.

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8 Billion Total Accounts

The average cost of a data breach has risen to $3.9 million for the company compromised, with the cost for each lost or stolen record increasing to $148. That cost does not include the money stolen by fraudsters using the stolen data at other merchants, financial services companies and other digital organizations, which can multiply those losses by hundreds of times.


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Ecommerce Merchants decline 45% of all transactions, however 22% turn out to be false positives.

This loss of revenue is significant to businesses already operating on slim profit margins.