Omnichannel Fraud

> 90%

of merchants and banks offer multiple service and purchasing channels for their customers.

< 50%

 have consolidated fraud management tools deployed across channels


the relative size of the fraud loss of fraudsters exploiting gaps in controls vs the average loss from identity theft


Exploiting the Gaps

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Fraudsters often exploit gaps in controls, in visibility and in vendor coverage to perpetrate large and long-lasting schemes.  Enterprise innovation is often halted due to the complexity of connecting legacy systems and integrating acquired company tech infrastructure. 

Unify all your important transactions data into the Risk Intelligence Cloud and gain the intelligence you need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.  

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The Attack Surface is Getting Bigger

With each new service, offering, and channel designed to thrill your customers also comes an every-widening opportunity for fraudsters to find openings and opportunities to defraud your organization.  Take a higher-level, aggregated view with unified analytics for cross-channel visibility.  This new-found clarity will enable you to make strategic process improvements while giving your all the granularity you need at the transaction and account levels to drill into the details and confirm your strategy decisions.


The Network Effect

Broad-based attacks, schemes and strategies can be most effectively countered with a unified, technology-based defense adopted by all the potential targets – a massive cross-industry, cross-border collaboration at a scale that businesses (and fraudsters) have not yet experienced.