Serious about containing digital fraud?Shield is for you.

Collective Intelligence

The collective network effect of shared traffic data enables our AI to protect your website and secure the internet.

Website Security

Get your website '.Shield certified' and display the network seal to increase your security, trust and conversions.

Device Analytics

Device fingerprinting identifies, tracks and scores every device as it enters your site, registers or transacts.

Powerful insights and tools to protect your website .

Our device tracker and network shield is easy to install. Enabling our artificial intelligence to score, measure and report real-time insights on your traffic and transactions.

Collective Intelligence

Real-Time Protection

Continuous Monitoring

Fraud Prevention Tools

Early Warning System

Analytics & Insights


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We can all fight fraud together, and are stronger as a collective community vs individual sites that fraudsters pray on. Join the largest global network of websites across all digital channels. From startups to Fortune 1000 companies sharing anonymized data on the network keeps us all secure.



Real-time anomaly detection, analysis and scoring features.


Reduce your site's malicious bot and fraudulent transaction activity.


Increase your customer trust, brand safety and sales.