Few things are more exhilarating than building a fast-growing digital business.  And few things more alarming than when your business is under attack. Hackers, fraudsters and other malicious actors can cause existential damage to digital organizations in mere minutes.  Having built several sizable e-commerce and fintech companies ourselves, we know that the intelligence of a broad network of companies, combined with real-time bot and fraud detection, can help save your business from critical attacks and losses.

To eliminate cybercrime through advanced technology and collaboration.

Making every website and transaction safe.

Shield is for everyone!

Building a safe and secure internet together.

Shield is a FREE, simple-to-integrate fraud prevention tool.  By registering, you join the fastest growing fraud prevention network of digital organizations worldwide. Sign up to choose your site badge, get your code snippet, integrate it into your site, and start seeing your high-risk visitors in minutes.


Users traffic is tracked thru check out.

Digital Media

Gain insights into your traffic & audience.

Social Media

Protect your community from bad characters.


All downloads are not created equal.


Build brand trust and identify fraudsters.

Lead Generation

Improve the quality of registrations & leads.

Built To Protect By Team Fraud.net

Experts with deep domain expertise in e-commerce and financial fraud. Fraud.net is had developed the most advanced technologies and applied AI to prevent fraud.