Real-Time Protection

1000's of data points are analyzed every second to verify your sites traffic and user devices, identity, order details, and purchasing methods.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is opening new frontiers in digital business by generating increasingly accurate predictions. Start leveraging AI-driven risk scoring on your website.

Analytics & Insights

Powerful device tracking and scoring give you a unique perspective on your traffic and sales. Insightful risk analytics to protect and grow your business.

Device Tracking & Scoring

We analyze and score thousands of data points, patterns and signals from the shield collective network to identify and prevent fraud.

Biometric scoring

Artificial intelligence cross-references behavioral patterns, geolocation, IP, Proxy & Tors to assign a score to understand your users and prevent fraud.

Device fingerprinting

Device fingerprinting identifies, tracks and assigns a score to every device as it enters your site, registers or transacts.

Dark web intelligence

Monitor activity for logins and transactions using identity and payment information stolen and resold on the dark web.

Anomaly detection

A big part of building a threat intelligence program is identifying anomalies quickly, with certainty, and auto-triggering counter-measures.

Bot detection & defense

50% of all internet traffic are bots.
Some are beneficial and some are scanning your site with criminal intent

Transaction intelligence

Detect and track all users device to detect where your traffic comes from, from the minute they hit the site thru registration and checkout.

Our solution protects your site, builds trust and increases conversions.

Designed to better serve the needs of a constantly evolving digital fraud landscape. Our dynamic solution is constantly innovating, faster and collaboratively with real-time network data. Enabling you to always have the most effective fraud protection. So you can focus on what matters most. Growing your business.



Increase your sales, trust and brand safety


Reduce your site's fraudulent transactions and malicious bot activity


Real-time data points analyzed and scored