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Stay ahead of the latest threats and in control of your fraud management program.





Make More Informed Decisions

Track & Trend Suspicious Activity

Run reports, identify trends, and leverage livestreamed visualizations with the world’s most advanced robust data analytics and mining platform.

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Fraud Management Strategy

Capture the frequency and severity of fraud so you can identify and address issues before they become problems.

Assess Your Workflows

Discover how different rules and manual decisions are performing amid changing market conditions so you can quickly make adjustments to stay ahead of the fraudsters.

Harness Best-in-Class Business Intelligence

Customize Fraud Management and Prevention Dashboards

Dashboards built specifically for your industry – or design your own.

Leverage Your Own Data

Develop unique charts, graphs, and other visualizations in seconds.

Get Detailed Breakdowns of Fraudulent Activities

Create or refine rules and processes that stamp out bad actors while allowing good customers to sail through.

Visualization Tools Built For Efficiency


Combine multiple data streams into easy to understand charts & graphs.


Create real-time reports and presentation-ready charts with just a few clicks.


Choose from our library of hundreds of pre-built reports.

Key Metrics at Your Fingertips

Among the metrics that’s analytics and reporting platform captures in real-time:

Fraud Investigations

Daily Volume

Daily Fraud Rates

Fraud Costs

Fraud Rule Efficacy

Review Agent Efficiency

ML Model Accuracy

Location, Counterparties and Device Trends

Simplified Integration. Unified Orchestration.

Say goodbye to time-consuming data integrations and maintenance of third-party vendors with the Appstore.


Case Study:

Connect the Dots Easily with Linked Entity Analysis

A large global banking client learned that a large block of its credit cards were being used to make fraudulent purchases. Using linked entity analysis and’s intelligence tools, the bank’s fraud investigators were able to quickly connect the dots between common payment amounts, seller and location data, and items purchased. That allowed the bank to shut down those cards without incurring significant losses or creating unnecessary friction for its millions of other customers.

Contain Your Fraud. Unlock Your Growth.

AI & Machine Learning

Case Management

Collective Intelligence


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