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Fraud.net makes it easy to integrate a broad array of data sources, including:

Consumer Identity, Business Identity

Social Media Profiles

Consumer Identity, Business Identity

Step-up Authentication

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Consumer Identity



Consumer Identity

Discover Best-In-Class Data Sources And Vendors

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Integrate Applications With Ease

Seamless data orchestration in a no-code environment.

Save Money on IT Maintenance

Avoid costly installations, customizations, and API integrations with cloud based apps that automatically update as new versions are released.

Evaluate Vendors Before Making Long-term Commitments

Test out new fraud applications on your existing data in a fraud management sandbox so you can see how they perform before you implement them.

Simplified Integration. Unified Orchestration.

Say goodbye to time-consuming data integrations and maintenance of third-party vendors with the Fraud.net AppStore.


Case Study:

Strengthening Protection with More Data Sources

For years, fraud analysts at a leading e-commerce company were forced to tab from one spreadsheet to another as they manually reviewed the various components of a suspicious transaction. From device fingerprinting and customer ID information to social media activity, Fraud.net integrated all these different data sources onto a single platform — accessible on a single screen.

As a result, the e-commerce company’s fraud team:

Dramatically reduced data integration time and challenges

Broke down data silos so they could more effectively evaluate fraud

Reduced the average transaction review time by 50%

Contain Your Fraud. Unlock Your Growth.

AI & Machine Learning

Case Management

Analytics & Reporting

Collective Intelligence

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