Embrace the Power of Proprietary Intelligence

Fraud.net operates the largest global anti-fraud consortium and platform-as-a-service for enterprises across industries, including financial services, government, health, manufacturing, retail, technology and other sectors vulnerable to financial fraud. Through collaboration, big data and advanced AI, we enable our members to identify and stop fraud attempts long before they have to experience a loss.


Fraud Schemes Tracked


Digital Global Identities


in Digital Transaction History

Fortify Your Fraud Detection

Enrich Your Customer Data

with billions of anonymized data points from the world’s largest financial services, retail and payments organizations.

Get Detailed Digital Fingerprints

from recent fraudulent transactions & data breaches as well as the use of identity stitching techniques to create more than 1 billion digital personas.

Make Smarter, Faster Decisions

with more confident assessments of customers you have never encountered.

Empower Your Fraud Investigators

Search The Network

for individual customer attributes, including e-mail, physical address, IP address, phone number.

Uncover Links You Might Otherwise Miss

by showing how different entities — such as names, e-mail addresses, and shipping and billing locations – are linked.

Write More Effective Rules

by integrating the unique insights of the network into your fraud evaluation engine.

Give your AI-Powered Risk Model More Lift

by harnessing more data and global insights that you could gather on your own.

Case Study:

Harnessing Global Insights to more Efficiently Fight Fraud

Luminess, a global beauty products company, relied heavily on its existing internal systems when deciding whether to approve or reject potential transactions. The trouble was, Luminess executives had very little insight into risks posed by new customers since its internal systems only evaluated individuals with whom it had prior transaction data.

Fraud.net opened things up. With access to Fraud.net’s proprietary collective intelligence network, Luminess could gain fresh insight into customers it had never met. That’s because Fraud.net’s collective intelligence network was able to collect a goldmine of information –including years of anonymized customer identification elements, transaction histories and known outcomes that allowed Luminess to more effectively evaluate customer’s historical behavior.

The Result

Streamlined Case Reviews

Reduced Fraud Costs

Optimized Work Flows

Contain Your Fraud. Unlock Your Growth.

AI & Machine Learning

Case Management

Analytics & Reporting


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