Futureproof your Entire Fraud Prevention Program
with a Single, Scalable Solution

Fraud.net provides real-time, enterprise-grade fraud management solutions built specifically for business customers. Why? It was founded by financial services executives and e-commerce pioneers who were on the frontlines of the battle with digital financial fraud. After struggling to find simple, flexible, and affordable fraud prevention tools, they decided to go into business themselves.

The answer. Modern, cloud-based fraud infrastructure that is:


Access all your fraud detection data, case reviews, and intelligence on a single screen – and at every step along the transaction lifecycle.


Integrate the best fraud protection data and 3rd-party applications – and seamlessly incorporate new apps and updates from our online marketplace to stay ahead of the latest threats.


Combat fraud without locking up valuable IT resources by taking advantage of a cloud-based platform that can quickly grow and evolve with your business.


Futureproof your fraud management capabilities by integrating the latest machine learning insights and data science techniques as you test and grow more comfortable with these new technologies.


Create a custom fraud solution without the cost by choosing among dozens of modular capabilities – and then further enhance them by configuring case rules, workflows, fields, and models to meet your unique needs.


Add new vendors or design new fraud rules or workflows with just a few clicks -- and make changes on the fly without ever needing costly, expert technical assistance.


Embrace enterprise-grade security with a cloud-based platform, rigorous software development protocols, and seven layers of safety checks before the publication of any code.

Proprietary Global Fraud Intelligence

Access fraud insights from businesses in more than 120 countries through our proprietary collective intelligence network so your fraud management capabilities keep up with your expansion plans.

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AI-powered Fraud Prevention for:

A Broad Array of Industries

Financial Services



Wealth Management

Nearly Every Form of Payment

Digital Payments

Card Payments

Transfer and Wires

Bank Accounts

Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

Account Opening & Application




Account Change

Post Transaction

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We seek out trusted, long-term relationships with our clients and have developed modular tools relevant to executives across the C-Suite and at every rung of the corporate ladder, including:

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